How to treat plugged ducts

Plugged ducts can occur throughout the entire breastfeeding period. If you react fast and start treatment immediately, your condition will be relieved very soon in most cases. Interrupting breastfeeding or weaning is NOT required, it would even aggravate the situation! Signs of plugged ducts are nodes in the breast, sensitive spots, redding, possibly fever.


  • Stress
  • Insufficient emptying of the lactiferous ducts
  • Effects of impact or pressure on the breast


  • Good breastfeeding position - change between cradle hold, back-lying hold and in lying position
  • Correct latching to ensure proper emptying of the lactiferous ducts
  • 24 hour rooming-in
  • Breastfeeding on demand
  • Observe signs of hunger
  • Wake up sleepy baby
  • Plan rests during your daily routine

Most important: frequent & complete emptying of the breast


  • After breastfeeding, cool breast for about 20 minutes, repeat every 2 hours (cold packs, but no alcohol (!!!) to avoid skin irritations, quark pads (be careful with allergies!), green cabbage, mamivac® Thermo-Pack)
  • Gentle breast massages in circles from outside to inside
  • Drink plenty of fluid (no limitation of quantity)
  • Rest
Source: Training material of the Velb Basic Course on Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Advice, 2009 (translated)

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