mamivac® Nipple Shields

Protect sore or sensitive nipples.
Made in Germany

  • To be used on sensitive, sore or painful nipples
  • Ergonomic design
  • Help also with flat and retracted nipples or with baby's nipple confusion
  • Due to the unique shape, the baby directly feels the mother's warmth and perceives her smell
  • Best body contact between mother and child
  • The well sticking nipple shields are made of thin, skin-friendly and tasteless silicone
  • Can be sterilized by boiling in water


  • S – Small; D = 18 mm | REF 281441
  • M – Medium; D = 20 mm | REF 281448
  • L – Large; D = 28 mm | REF 281442


  • S – Small ; D = 18 mm | REF 281481
  • M – Medium ; D = 22 mm | REF 281482
  • To find the correct size of nipple shields
    mamivac® Mamillometer.

How do you find the correct size of a fitting nipple shield?


Place the different punched rings over your nipple and check which size you need. The size of the nipple shield
depends on the mamilla and not on the areola. Take the measurement in a relaxed atmosphere. If the nipple
has about 2 mm of leeway, you have found the nipple shield with the correct fit. If you are not sure, ask your
midwife for support.

Mamilla and Areole

Instruction manual Nipple shields
  1. Purpose:

    Why using mamivac® nipple shields?
    Many mothers use conventional round shaped nipple shields when having sensitive and sore nipples. These should be used for a short time only, because they have influence on the natural way of breastfeeding. The round shape covers mum’s skin, and it may happen that the baby refuses to suck when mum is trying to breastfeed again without a nipple shield. This is because the baby does not identify its mother due to the irritation by the nipple shield. The special shape of mamivac® nipple shields avoids this by reason of not interrupting the contact between mother and baby. Therefore the baby reminds the natural smell of its mother.
  2. Use:

    Clean your breast before using mamivac® nipple shields. A short massage has the effect that nipples stand upright and make the use of mamivac® nipple shields much easier. Turn the soft edges up and press the mamivac® nipple shield as close as possible to your nipple. Press the soft edges afterwards to your skin. Wetting the mamivac® nipple shield supports the attachment to your skin. Make sure to place the mamivac® nipple shield with the flat side up that your baby’s nose has direct contact to your skin while breastfeeding. Then the baby identifies your smell and feels safe. Do not use Vaseline or other cremes. For further information regarding the use please ask your lactation consultant or midwife. Prior to using the nipple shields, check them for cracks and proper functionality.
  3. Cleaning and disinfection:

    mamivac® nipple shields consist of thin, transparent and
    tasteless silicone. Prior to the first use and before any other use, disinfect the nipple shields by boiling them in water for at least 5 minutes. Clean the nipple shields after each use with commercial washing-up liquid and rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. With proper use and storage, the mamivac® nipple shields have a service life of 2 years. Keep the operating instructions. This product is not a toy. Keep it away from children.
  4. Disposal:

    Please dispose of your mamivac® nipple shields in accordance with your local disposal regulations for plastic products.
Demo box with nipple shields

  • Conical and cherry-shaped shields
  • In practical folding box for demonstration purposes
  • REF 281447

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