mamivac® breast milk freezer bags

For a hygienic freezing of breast milk.
REF 282100 (20 unites)
  • Integrated closure
  • The milk can be poured out again without spilling
  • Safe stand
  • Space-savin
  • Made from polyethylene → odourless, tearproof, durable
  • With scaling, can be labelled
Maximum storage times of breast milk
Breast milk is rich in nutrients which babies need for their healthy development.
To keep the milk healthy, you should observe the following storage times:
  • 2-3 hours unchilled
  • 48 hours in a fridge
  • 2 weeks in the freezing compartment of a fridge (**)
  • 3 months in a freezer (at the bottom/back) (***)
  • 6 months in a chest freezer (****)<i/>
  • Do not defrost frozen breast milk in the microwave!

Thawed milk is separated into an aqueous and a fatty phase. Swirl the milk gently after thawing to mix the layers. Frozen breast milk may have a slightly different colour. This, however, does not mean that the milk is bad.

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