mamivac test unit for the pharmacist

mamivac® Test Unit

The simple solution for checking and verification of mamivac® electrical breastpumps.
REF 2899120 - Made in Germany

Test sheet for mamivac® SENSITIVE-C for rental

The test unit is very helpful for quality assurance and quality management in pharmacies. For each mamivac® breastpumps are downloads of test sheets for documentation available. Download test sheet

Instructions for using the test unit.
  1. Mount test unit into the base.
  2. Connect power unit.
  3. Connect the test unit to the pump.
  4. Turn adjustment knob for vacuum clockwise to the right stop (maximum vacuum).
  5. Turn selection knob for the cycle clockwise to the right stop (longest interval time).
  6. The test gauge shall show -33 kPa (± 3kPa)

Slight deviations (tolerance) may be caused by the pressure gauge. In case you determine faulty suction performance, please return the breastpump to the stated address. The test unit must be reviewed by the manufacturer every two years. The next review date is stated on the test unit.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you