Mobility and flexibility in clinical life – the mamivac® Sensitive-CFH

mamivac® SENSITIVE-CFH - The breast pump for clinical use.

The 2-phase breastpump for hospitals. Durable, maintenance-free technology.
The mamivac® Sensitive-CFH is the answer to the requirements of clinical life.
REF 286000

A mobile version with a five-footed stand on castors is also available.
REF 283012 - Made in Germany

  • The mamivac® 2-phase technology simulates the baby’s sucking
  • Continuously adjustable vacuum strength, freely selectable pumping interval
  • No suction loss with double pumping
  • Gentle, hygienic and silent operation guaranteed
  • Practical stand for mobile use in clinics
  • No automated operation, continuously adjustable vaccum
  • With rechargeable batteries (available separately) ready for use immediately and everywhere
  • Integrated dual bottle holder
  • Optional DC or AC power supply
  • Easy use and operation

Germ free

The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit hermetically seals the breast pump and the hose against breast milk, bacteria and germs. This ensures a maintenance-free pump giving mother and child greatest possible safety.
mamivac® 2-Phase Technology

With the mamivac® 2-phase technology, breast milk can be expressed as gently and naturally as ever possible. The continuously adjustable phases consist of a stimulation phase and an expressing phase. The expressing process is not an automated sequence of a programme, but allows for an individual adjustment of suction strength and cycle speed to the individual needs of nursing mothers and the flow of milk.

  • Stimulation phase: Imitates the fast and weak sucking of the baby at the beginning and gently massages the breast to stimulate the flow of milk. A high speed of interval (number of cycles) triggers the let-down reflex very quickly free of pain.
  • Expressing phase: Simulates the slower, more intense sucking of the baby to efficiently express the invaluable breast milk. Depending on the flow of milk and the mother's feeling, the cycle speed can be adjusted continuously. The combination with the continuously adjustable suction strength (vacuum) in a variable way results in the best possible pumping comfort for the mother offering highest efficiency.
mamivac® Double Pumping

The simultaneous expressing of milk from both breasts saves about 50 % of time. This gives the mom more time - not only with multiple births. The patented valve technology ensures double pumping without suction loss. Our electric breast pumps offer direct connections for two sets.


Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, along with other applications. Under certain circumstances can be Bisphenol A dissolved away and can have an estrogenic effect to the human organism. We changed our product line and declare our suctions kits with following symbol.

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