Expressing correctly

Successful expressing depends on many factors. Selecting the right breastpump certainly is one of these factors and it is critical. We will be happy to consult you in finding the right breastpump from our mamivac® product range that suits you and your needs best (→ KaWeCo support team).

Expressing breast milk requires some practice (just like breastfeeding does by the way). It is worth taking plenty of time for your first expressing in particular. Choose a quiet and comfortable place. It may happen that you will express only little or no milk at all with your first efforts. Don't be disappointed. You will soon obtain more expressed milk with some practice.

A few expressing tips

  • Our operating instructions show you how to assemble the individual device and clean it prior to its first use. Please read the operating instructions carefully.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are very important. Always wash your hands prior to expressing.
  • Many women reported that it helped them to see their baby while expressing. If you can't see your little angel, a photo may help. Our mamivac® Lactive offers an extra sticker field to put on a photo.


Here you can find products around the topic of baby-friendly breastfeeding and all about our mamivac® breast pumps.

If you have any additional questions or problems or if you experience expressing milk as painful, please contact your midwife or lactation consultant. If you have any questions regarding our products, we will be happy to help you.

mamivac® Breast Shields

Make sure that the breast shield has the correct size and fits snugly. This is important for building a vacuum which is required to express milk. To be able to express milk, the let-down reflex has to be triggered. Therefore, mamivac® developed the 2-phase technology for you. Phase 1 gently stimulates the breast to trigger the let-down reflex. In addition, you may gently massage the breast before and during expressing. Phase 2 ensures the maximum flow of milk in the shortest possible time. With the mamivac® 2-phase technology, breast milk can be expressed as gently and naturally as ever possible.

How to determine the correct breast shield size?

Correct fit of breast shield:

  • Constant rhythmic movement of the nipple corresponding to the pumping interval
  • Comfortable feeling during pumping
  • Evenly soft breast tissue after pumping

Breast shield too small:

  • Slow milk flow and low milk volume
  • Nipple rubs along side of the tunnel
  • Uncomfortable feeling during pumping

Breast shield too large:

  • Areola is pulled into the tunnel
  • Uncomfortable feeling during pumping
mamivac® Double Pumping

The simultaneous expressing of milk from both breasts saves about 50% of time. This gives the mom more time - not only with multiple births. The patented valve technology ensures double pumping without suction loss. Our electric breastpumps offer direct connections for two sets.

mamivac® SENSITIVE-C

The electric breast pump mamivac® SENSITIVE-C is leight, compact, ergonomic and quiet. Recommended by health professionals, available in your pharmacy!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you