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Interesting Facts & Breastfeeding Advice

We have gathered a collection of interesting facts around the topics of breastfeeding and breast milk as well as information for professionals (e.g. midwife conferences). Furthermore, product information and certificates are available for download in our download center.

Mother & Baby



mamivac® 2-Phase Technology

To make the expressing of breast milk as natural as possible, we have developed the mamivac® 2-phase technology. The continuously adjustable phases consist of a stimulation phase and an expressing phase. The stimulation phase imitates the fast and weak sucking of the baby at the beginning and gently massages the breast to stimulate the flow of milk. The gentle and effective expressing phase simulates the slower, more intense sucking of the baby to efficiently express the invaluable breast milk.


mamivac® Double Pumping

The simultaneous expressing of milk from both breasts saves time which will reduce expressing time by about 50 %. This gives the mum more time – not only with multiple births. The patented valve technology ensures double pumping without suction loss. All our electric breast pumps offer direct connections for two sets.

mamivac® Protective Diaphragm

Best possible safety and hygiene for mother and child.

The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit offers the best possible protection and safety for mother and baby. This diaphragm hermetically seals the breast pump creating a closed system [ ]. Breast milk, bacteria or germs cannot contaminate neither the hoses nor the pump. This avoids cross contamination between users and the device itself. Parts of the suction kit which come into contact with breast milk [open system], can be cleaned easily (boiling, dish washer or steriliser). The mamivac® SUCTION KIT PREMIUM is autoclavable. The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit makes our electric breast pumps hygienic and maintenance-free.

Renting instead of buying

Did you know? You can rent our electric breast pump mamivac® SENSITIVE-C in selected pharmacies.

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