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mamivac® nipple shields

  • 2 mamivac® nipple shields
  • Sizes and shapes of the mamivac® nipple shields

Protect sore or sensitive nipples.

  • To be used on sensitive, sore or painful nipples
  • Help also with flat and retracted nipples or with baby's nipple confusion
  • Due to the unique shape, the baby directly feels the mother's warmth and perceives her smell
  • Best body contact between mother and child
  • The well sticking nipple shields are made of thin, skin-friendly and tasteless silicone
  • Can be sterilised and boiled

Our nipple shields are available in the following shapes (see Fig. 2, above).

S – Small; D = 18 mm | REF 281441
 – Medium; D = 20 mm | REF 281448
L – Large; D = 28 mm | REF 281442

S – Small; D = 18 mm | REF 281481
M – Medium; D = 22 mm | REF 281482

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To find the correct size of nipple shields mamivac® Mamilometer. Download here.