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mamivac® nursing pads

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Nursing pads, anti-microbial

This anti-microbial and washable nursing pad reduces the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast and other undesired germs.

  • Anti-microbial, highly absorbent core
  • Non-leaking, clothing remains dry
  • Washable, hence reusable
  • Anti-microbial effect is not washed out
  • Breathable microfibre keeps skin dry
  • Especially skin-friendly, soft and safe
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Welded and tight, yet soft seams

anti-microbial, highly absorbent and non-leaking, breathable

mamivac® Nursing pad
Anti-microbial microfibre, 6 pieces with washing bag in first-grade box

REF 281495

What does anti-microbial effect mean? → Learn more:

A product with an anti-microbial effect reduces the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast and other undesired germs.

Why is microfibre preferred? → Learn more:

Microfibres are much thinner and softer than silk threads. This results in a very absorbent and fast drying fabric. In addition, this microfibre fabric is very fluff-resistant, and offers an outstanding dimensional stability and durability.

How is the nipple kept dry and healthy? → Learn more:

This nursing pad is anti-microbial and breathable, which means that moisture is transferred quickly from the skin surface into the anti-microbial core and locked away. The outer breathable layer is non-leaking. The inner lining of the nursing pad is treated to reduce the growth bacteria and fungi. This effect will not wash out.

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