How to decide?

Electric or manual? Our product portfolio includes three electric and one manual breastpump which are used in the most diverse areas of application.

Find out the right one for you. The table will help you.

Table with comparison of breast pumps

Occasional use:
Part-time employment, full breasts, postponed feeding times, on the go

Frequent use:
Full-time employment, baby in hospital

Medical reasons:
Mastitis, sore nipples, flat or retracted nipples, plugged ducts, insufficient milk supply, baby in hospital

Electric breastpumps → Learn more:

With the mamivac® electric breastpumps, milk can be expressed in a fast and gentle way. Our product range includes three electric breastpumps which are used for different applications.

Our mamivac® SENSITIVE-C breastpump is used for rental. With its technology especially developed for highest expressing comfort, it ensures a fast and gentle expressing of the breast milk.

Our mamivac® SENSITIVE-CFH is mainly used in the maternity wards of hospitals. The 2-phase breastpump compels with its easy operation and handling as well as its maintenance-free technology.

We also offer an electric breastpump for use at home. Our mamivac® LACTIVE ensures mobility, flexibility and quality. The compact 2-phase breastpump with double pumping is the perfect companion for active and working mothers.

Manual breastpumps → Learn more:

You like to be on the go and stay independent? The manual mamivac® breastpump is ideal for active moms, either away or at home. Due to the comfortable and safe one-hand operation, the milk can be filled fast and easily into the small bottles.

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Tip: Use our practical freezer bags for a hygienic freezing of your breast milk.

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